About the Author

My name is Joshua Carpenter. I have a passion for all things theological. Throughout my theological education I have visited and studied many different denominations of the Christian faith and I hope to bring these experiences and this knowledge to light as this blog continues. I love to read and collect a vast array of theological writings and literature. I have a degree in Biblical Literature and I am seeking to continue my formal theological education. I love to write about and discuss the Bible. But, above all, I continuously strive to become closer to Christ.

Contact: Email: Joshua19carpenter@gmail.com

About the blog

Welcome to my blog! This blog’s purpose is to bring together the theological mind and the faithful hearts of the Christian body. I hope that this blog will be a source of encouragement, as well, as a theological challenge for the purpose of growth. I, also, hope to grow with you as I write about my experiences as a theology student, subjects that God has placed on my heart and topics that I have studied. As you read through each post, I pray that the theology is understandable but challenging, the writings are noticeably centered on God and His Word and each post brings both you and me closer to Christ. Enjoy!